The theme of the 23rd edition of Het Parcours is ‘Cultuur, Smaakt naar Meer’.

The heart, or the core of Het Parcours: the KOM members and the quality that they present to the city of Maastricht and its visitors on this day, will be strengthened and supported by a theme on this day. The theme of the Parcours 2018 is: “Cultuur, Smaakt naar Meer”. The Parcours is sometimes seen as a treat of many cultural amuses. The extensive, varied and high-quality cultural offer of the upcoming edition should ensure that the visitor gets inspired and feels more connected with the art and cultural offer that the city of Maastricht has to offer. The performances that take place have to ‘taste’ more for the audience, that is one of the primary goals of Het Parcours. Of course, eating and drinking habits and gastronomic developments are also a big part of culture.

Linking the theme to gastronomy, food & drinks creates a complete picture of cultural activity. Moreover, the whole is a bit more accessible. Where the word ‘culture’ often creates certain expectations among the public and sometimes calls for a distance, food and drinks do the opposite. By making gastronomy a more present aspect of the event, a larger audience will immediately be approached, which may not have been convinced at first. A cultural night out to the theater is in almost all cases preceded or concluded with a snack and a drink. This connection should also be on a ‘cultural day out’ like Het Parcours. Especially in a city like Maastricht, which is described above all as burgundian and culinary appealing. In the context of ‘taste differences’, there is of course no better day to taste culture than during Het Parcours: the day on which a generous offer can be found on variation in genre and there is therefore ‘something for everyone’.